Forbes Magazine Speaks With CREST “BACKYARD” HOMES about ADA Compliant ADU’s.

May 8, 2021 John Arendsen

Forbes Magazine Speaks With CREST “BACKYARD” HOMES about ADA Compliant ADU’s.


AMERICAN DISABILITY ACT (ADA) Wheelchair accessible shower and lowered and open bathroom sink counter and basin.

Forbes Magazine throws their hat in the ring about Accessory Dwelling Units aka ADU. Things have to be getting pretty serious about the myriad opportunities for  the factory built Accessory Dwelling Unit aka “ADU” option when one of the most influential money magazines in America is looking for answers. 

They found some of those answers from  Accessory Dwelling Unit expert, John Arendsen, Founder and CEO of CREST “BACKYARD” HOMES of San Diego. Here’s what Forbes Magazine learned about how the factory built ADU option works for Americans who are physically challenged. 


ADA COMPLIANT Accessible below countertop Lazy Suzan for easy access

“With 10,000 Baby Boomers who have already or are turning 65 years old each and everyday for years to come it’s inevitable that a good percentage of us will eventually become physically challenged and in need of ADA compliant living alternatives.”  “Wheelchair accessible doorways and hallways, roll in showers, walk in tubs, grab rails, accessible countertop heights, wheel chair ramps and elevators are some of the many items hundreds of thousands of Boomers will be requiring and looking for as they begin to age”, says Arendsen.

However, Boomers are not the only folks that are the subject of The Americans With Disabilities Act “ADA”.


There are millions of folks living in America today, be they young and/or aging, that are physically challenged in some way. They are candidates for the many amenities and basic household features that will enhance their quality of life and make them all the more independent and self reliunt. However, truth be known this reality still has much work to do.

Providing a comfortable and accessible space for a physically challenged individual can be a monumental task. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel with an affordable and comfortable

WHEEL CHAIR RAMPS Custom and Subtle

WHEEL CHAIR RAMPS Can be very creatively and subtly designed to fit any architectural motif

option that can be placed on a small piece of property that will provide an individual with a level of flexibility, self reliance, independence that will enhance their quality of life.

The entry level turnkey price starts as little as $125,000 for a HUD Manufactured fully ADA Compliant CREST “BACKYARD” HOME.

Take a moment to read this very informative and interesting article by Forbes about this once cottage industry (pun intended) fast becoming one of America’s fastest growing real estate and construction booms for which there seems to be no end in sight.

For those folks who would like to have a better understanding of the Manufactured ADU option you may want to download our ADU GUIDE. This very comprehensive GUIDE will give you a step by step process CREST “BACKYARD” HOMES uses when working through the entire process from the very first client inquiry to the Certificate of Occupancy (CO).
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