Factory-Built Granny Flats Save Money!

May 30, 2018 John Arendsen

Factory-Built Granny Flats Offer Big Savings! Aside from the reduced cost of the "structure", Factory-Built Granny flats have another benefit: the cost of the installation and foundation. This cost is definitely something to consider when choosing the type of Accessory Dwelling Unit (backyard home, granny flat, garage apartment, etc) Let's Do A ...

ADU’S (Accessory Dwelling Units) Made Easier in San Diego

May 7, 2018 John Arendsen

ADU'S (Accessory Dwelling Units) aka Backyard Homes, Granny Flats ADU'S (Accessory Dwelling Units) commonly known as backyard homes, casitas, granny flats or pool cabanas  are becoming more familiar to the San Diego County landscape thanks to easing regulations.   One by one San Diego's local jurisdictions are embracing the new California Sta...



Crest Homes is happy to introduce the release of the long-awaited Backyard Home Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Building An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Now available on our website, this normally $19.95 publication is offered exclusively to all Crest Backyard Home subscribers and followers for only $14.95.

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